National Symbols,Things & Icons Of Pakistan

  • Pakistan Flag

    Pakistan’s Flag was formally embraced on 14 August 1947 thee date of independence  of Pakistan from the British when India was partitioned into two nations. ensign embraced 23 March 1956.

    The Pakistan Flag was outlined by Ameer-ud-commotion Khidwai. The national banner of Pakistan is dull green in shading with a white bar, a white bow in the middle and a five-pointed star. The noteworthiness of the shading and images utilized as a part of the Pakistan Flag is as per the following:

    The white and dull green field speaks to minorities and Muslim greater part, separately.The sickle on the banner speaks to advance.The five-rayed star speaks to light and information.

  • Father of Pakistan : Quaid E Azam

Muhammad Ali Jinnah ( محمد علی جناح,) December 25, 1876 – September 11, 1948) was a Muslim lawyer, politician, statesman and the founder of Pakistan. He is popularly and officially known in Pakistan as Quaid-e-Azam ( قائد اعظم — “Great Leader”) and Baba-e-Qaum (بابائے قوم) (“Father of the Nation”).

  • National Poet of Pakistan : Muhammad Iqbal 

Sir Muhammad Iqbal (محمد اقبال ‎) is known as Allama Iqbal (علامہ اقبال),  a poet, philosopher, and politician, and an academic, barrister and scholar. his life journey is  (November 9, 1877 – April 21, 1938) He was the national poet of pakistan and called the Spiritual father of Pakistan.

  • Mother Of Pakistan : Fatima Jinnah 

Fatima Jinnah  فاطمہ جناح‎ 30 July 1893 – 9 July 1967 was a Pakistani dental surgeon,  stateswomanand biographer one of the leading founders of Pakistan.she was known as mother of the nation, She was known as Madar-e-millat or mother of the country. Fatima Jinnah’s name is a vital one among the pioneers of Pakistan Movement. She is the most cherished one for being the nearest supporter of her sibling and organizer of Pakistan and the pioneer of all India Muslims Quaid-e-Azam. In any case, she is a great deal more than that from Fatima Jinnah. She joined the All India Muslim League and went to the yearly sessions of the gathering. Fatima Jinnah contributed in the social advancement part has been overlooked. She alongside Begum Liaqat Ali Khan made the best commitment in the domain of ladies’ enlivening and investment in national issues.

  • National Tower : Minar E Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan is located in Iqbal park Lahore, where people visit day and night, , which has artifical mountains and reservoir moreover. guests will climb up stairs for an attractive view of city its surroundings. Minar-e-Pakistan was worked to celebrate the Lahore determination which on 23rd walk 1940, in which Muslim class, just Political gathering of Muslims of the Indian sub-mainland, requested the different country for Muslims of sub-landmass.

The national emblem of Islamic Republic of Pakistan was adopted in 1954. It options the inexperienced color of the flag, and therefore the star and crescent symbols of Islam.

A protect is represented within the center of the symbol that includes the four major crops of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. cotton, jute, tea and wheat.

Below the wreath may be a scroll reading, Iman, Ittehad, Nazm (Faith, Unity, Discipline).

National Bird of Pakistan Chakor bird has wonderful voice. So many people adore owning it at home . The Chakor is regarded as sign of passionate love in Punjab Pakistan.

The Jasmine Flower is the National flower of the Pakistan. Flower  of Jasmine which is otherwise called Chambelli. Jasmine is an exceptionally special and excellent bloom which exhibits the uniqueness of the nature. The bloom has the mix of Yellow and White hues which is truly outstanding and eye satisfying shading mix in the blossoms. The Jasmine bloom has sparkling and shinny leaves and has charming and smooth aroma too. The blossom develops in groups and bushes and the most favored season is in summers, and for wagers development and prepping the bloom require enormous water, composts and splendid daylight.  jasmine is the very utilize full bloom with being used tea, syrup, basic oil, outright utilized as a part of aroma and numerous more humen utilize completely every day life use.

  • National Animal Of Pakistan : The Markhor 

    The markhor (مارخور) is a huge types of wild goat that is found in northeastern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan and northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), a few sections of Azad Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir, southern Tajikistan and southern Uzbekistan. The species is classed by the IUCN as Endangered, as there are less than 2,500 develop people and the numbers have kept on declining by an expected 20% more than two eras. The markhor is the national creature of Pakistan


  • National Tree of Pakistan : Deodar

The National tree of Pakistan Deodar or Himalayan Ceda,r Cedrus Deodara . It is a types of cedar local toward the western Himalaya in eastern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, Kashmir, Tibet and western Nepal, happening at 1500-3200 m elevation. It is an extensive evergreen coniferous tree achieving 40-50 m tall, particularly 60 m, with a trunk up to 3 m measurement.

  • National Mountain of Pakistan : K2

K2 is the second most elevated mountain on the planet. It is in the Karakoram area of the Himalayas amongst Pakistan and China. K2 is the National heap of Pakistan. The prominent name K2 originated from the name of the mountain run Karakoram.

  • National drink of Pakistan: Sugar Cane

Sugar stick juice is the national drink of Pakistan, where it is called roh and all the more regularly alluded to as “gunney ka rus(meaning Sugarcane Juice)”. It is sold by roadside sellers, where the juice is crushed new when requested. It is sold in glasses with or without ice. Regularly an indication of ginger and lemon is included, alongside discretionary salt or pepper.

  • National Fruit of Pakistan

The national fruit of pakistan is mango,  several varieties of Mango Are in pakistan is SINDHRI, CHAUNSA,DESARI, LANGRA ,AMAN DUSEHRI,ALPHANSO ,FAJRI KALAN.

  • National Game of Pakistan : Hockey

  • National Mosque of Pakistan : Faisal Masjid

Faisal Mosque ( also known as Shah Faisal Masjid ) is an exceptionally large and Famous mosque in Islamabad. Designed by a Turkish architect who won an international competition for the honor, Faisal Mosque  is formed sort of  a desert Bedouin’s tent and functions as the national mosque of Pakistan.

King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia both suggested (in 1966)  and for the most part funded the Faisal Mosque, which is named in his honor.

Ever since its conception, the mosque has been regarded as the national mosque of Pakistan, and as such it symbolizes the hopes and aspirations of the new nation.

  • National Anthem of Pakistan