Know Pakistan


Know Pakistan.

  1.  SSG Comandos Pakistan Is the 6th Most Elite Special Forces and the Are best.
  2. We own Super Cars like lamborghini, ferrari, Audi, BMW, mercedes and etc
  3. We celebrate, yes we pakistani’s have a big heart to celebrate everyting.
  4. We Export Rice, Kinnows, Mangoes, furniture ,Cotton Fiber, Cement, tiles, Marbel, Textile Clothing, Leather, Sports Goods, Surgical Instruments, Electric Appliance, Software, Carpets, Rugs, Ice cream, Live Stock meat, Chicken, powderd Milk, Wheat, Seafood, Vegetables, Salt and other Many Item to the Word.
  5. Pakistan world’s 4th largest exporter of Cotton, exporting around 2,350,000 Metric tons every year.
  6. Pakistan Is World 5th Largest Exporter of  Cauliflowers and Broccoli Exporting around 250,000 tons.
  7. Do u Know  the 4th Largest  Internet broadband System  in Pakistan .
  8. We are home to World’s Largest 1.5 millions + Afghan Refugees.
  9. We Do Crazy and Funny Things We Wheel, We race, We Manage Rallys.
  10. Pakistan is the 6th  Biggest  Democracy in the world.
  11. We Made Road, Bridges, Towers,
  12. Karakoram ( Pak China Friendship ) Highway, We have Made one of the world toughest & hieghest Highways.
  13. We have Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Legend of Qawali Singing.


  1. No Doubt, There Are many more things that we don’t know about our country. Keep updating. Let the world know and let pakistanis themselves have idea about the wealth they have. Great work! 🙂